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Since I was young, the combination of curiosity and adventure led me to embark on numerous expeditions all over the world. Most notably were a month long cross-country winter expedition to the heart of Finnish Lapland, a 4-month sailing expedition from Western Africa to the Caribbean, 4x4 circuit of Georgia and countless traverses of Scandinavian National Parks.

Such journeys shaped my worldview and contributed to my deep love of the natural world. The nomadic life I've had, living in Australia, South Africa, Hungary, Denmark and currently Israel, made me appreciate our planet and seek to educate others to be more conscious of it and the cultures living within.

Over the years I set up Scandi Studios - an outdoor video & photo studio specializing in integrating tourism boards, businesses and organizations with the outdoor world using captivating visuals.

In 2020 I co-founded the sustainable tourism venture Wild Zula Expeditions, which provides specialized, small group sea-based expeditions designed to challenge adventurers and creative travelers alike in the most remote and beautiful locations around the world.


My style of creative work incorporates a personal connection to the Nordics, and I constantly strive to portray this connection to my work through aesthetics, minimalism and an appreciation for nature.


For inquiries regarding video & photo productions, image licensing, prints, brand collaborations or anything else please send an email to

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